Hello, my name is Christina Briggs

Iam a creative person,

who hails from Yorkshire...

 Just here to display some of my work ;o)x

I sometimes use the Artist name Kismet,

and all the work displayed here is my own,

(excluding my youtube friends)




I, can finally feel the beauty,

That as been obscured here,

For far too long;

I, see it cast in the calm, shimmering ocean,

As i hear the moonlight in her song;

She as finally been revealed to me,

I can appreciate her ever calming face;

She enters my gate,

Her daylight come thru,

In her timeless, efortless grace...

Will she change to a colder season,

Always way too soon?

And leave just as quickly,

As she entered,

This gloomy, dimlit room?


Written By Christina Briggs Copyright




Thanks for taking a look!